- Students can record everything they eat for a week using google docs and share it with a friend. Together they can modify each other's diet and offer suggestions on how to eat healthier and what to eliminate from their diet.
- Students can work in groups to choose one aspect of the unit that they would like to investigate further. Using google docs they can create a powerpoint presentation of the information they gather.
- Group project: creating a menu for the school cafeteria that includes healthy food choices
- Independent project: create a healthy meal incorporating all of the food groups
- Using google images, students can print out pictures that represent the different food groups and create their own food pyramid.
- Students can write down a fast food meal that they eat often. Then they can visit the fast food company's website and calculate the amount of calories, fat, etc. in the meal.
- Learn about the digestive system and label the parts.
- Every student can bring in an empty box with a nutrition label. The teacher will go through the different parts of the label and students will figure out what's in the food that makes it healthy or unhealthy.
- Kids can fill out a survey or questionaire on google docs that asks questions about their eating habits.